Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 6.03.15 PMHey I’m Maxx and I’m a film writer and producer out of Provo, Utah. But first and foremost… I have an obsession for movies.

What amazes me about film is that somehow, we open up to them. We allow movies to move us to laugh and cry. We let our guard down for movies.

My obsession for movies started when I was 6 and some friends of my parents’ owned a video camera. I was intrigued by the idea that a device could literally capture memories to look back at later (just like pictures).

My childhood obsession grew after becoming a die-hard fan of the Harry Potter films when I was 7. As a kid, these films gave me a chance to go to another world for 2 and a half hours where anything is possible. Still to this day… I love how movies give us a way to escape (and still a die-hard HP fan).

As I continue to get older, I can’t clearly place my finger on why I’m obsessed with movies. There isn’t an exact answer. But it has to do with the idea that I can expose my personal stories and the lessons I’ve learned so far.

In my movie blog, you can expect my “movie watch lists” where I send curated lists of movies. Also, I send a monthly newsletter with more movie lists and an update on my personal movie projects, discussions, special movie discounts/offers, and other movie news!

I want to share with you my filmmaking journey and more importantly chatting about the movies that have shaped us in different ways.

Check out some of my favorite movies below!

Click Here To View ‘Maxx’s Top Favorite Movies’



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